The Reasoning behind TORN INDICTMENT

Hey folks,
to show what we really like to tell you with our songs, we would like to quote the American band "Burden of a day", which we all think is brilliant, as we know we won't be able to express it this good in english.

"Hello friends.

It's about time we said something on here about why we do what we do. So here it is.

You may have noticed that Burden of a Day is listed as a Christian band, and we know that to many of you that may give you a bad image of who we are.

We are a band composed entirely of people that have had their lives drastically changed by God. We're not here to shove theology and religion down your throats. We even cringe at the term "religious". We are certainly not a religious band, because that word seems to imply following something or someone mindlessly and fitting into a specific mold that a certain religion may deem the norm for that faith. We know that God accepts us no matter what our taste in music and style may be.

The band exists for one purpose. We want you to know that there is more to life. There is a God who loves. The Bible says that God is love. Each of the band's members has a personal relationship with God and our hope and prayer is that one day, you will experience that too. And once you've come to the realization that God is more real than any other thing, you will also experience the joy and beautiful hope that He has given us.

Please please please. Seek Him out. Ask Him to show Himself to you with all your heart, and He will. He did for each of us in a different and personal way.

We ask that you please don't take offense to what we've said here, but that you consider all of it with an open heart and mind. I'm sure many of you have been hurt in the past by people claiming to be "Christians". Please don't let mere people warp your view of the Creator of all things. Seek Him out face to face.


Thank you for your time.

Take care.

Much love.

The Burden of a Day boys" - BURDEN OF A DAY

We hope that you can now understand why we play our music this passionate.If you have any questions about our faith or our experiences with god, feel free to ask. You can find our personal e-mail adresses under the category "Contact". So if you want to ask us anything about our faith, just write an e-mail to the person you'd like to ask.

Be blessed,